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As I said in my last post, I like to have custom circuit boards in my test systems.

Continuing down that line of thought, how does one get their test equipment connected to the circuit board? A long time ago at NI Week there was a demo where the circuit board had SCXI connectors and the circuit board was placed right on top of the SCXI cards. It's of course unlikely that anyone still uses SCXI, so the likely scenario is that every test system component has a cable connected to the circuit board. If you have a DAQ card with a 68 pin connector, add the corresponding 68 pin connector on your circuit board and just connect the two with the standard cable.

I've been working on a test system proposal recently, and based on the system needs, I'm proposing the customer use CompactDAQ. The chassis would have an analog output card that needs to connect to my circuit board. I was surprised to learn that there was a cable with 10 pin combicon and Dsub connectors. That will definitely save some time and make assembly (and duplication) much easier in the future. (I was worried that each of the 10 wires would have to be connected manually.) Hopefully, more cables are added in the future that allow this ease of use with other products.

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