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Custom Serial Cable Connections

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Recently, I got an instrument as a loaner and the manufacturer assured me that there was a serial connection and that it could be programmed. However, I was not told that, while there is a standard 9 pin Dsub connector, the pinout for it is not. Do companies really do this just to earn a little bit of extra money on a serial cable?

I don't need to get this instrument up and running immediately so I'll wait for my loaner serial cable to come in. Obviously, I could solder my own cable fairly easily. However, I wanted to know if there was something easier that might help me with my problem here.

The MicroRidge ProAdapter looks like it might help with this problem in the future.

MicroRidge ProAdapter Open Serial Custom Connection
MicroRidge ProAdapter Closed Serial Custom Connection

There are standard 9 pin Dsub connections and then inside the box, wires can connect the pins as needed. This would solve my current problem and at $35, very affordably.

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