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I played golf yesterday for the fifth time in my life, which has happened once a year starting in 2012. So I'm now up to 45 holes played and I've been to a driving range twice in my life. Not surprisingly, I'm terrible at golf.

On the shortest hole (a par 3), I happened to luck into the best drive of my foursome and the ball somehow ended up 6 feet from the hole.  I then proceeded to four putt for a double bogey.  I won't tell you how many times I hit the ball and it went about 5 feet.  Once, I hit the ball and a patch of grass beneath it and the grass went about an inch further than the ball.

My friends and I were discussing whether or not golf is important for business and career. At all of the companies where I have worked, there hasn't been a company sponsored golf outing; there had been golf tournaments in the past, just not when I had worked there. The same was true of my friends. This probably follows the larger trend of golf being in decline.

A friend of mine who's in engineering sales has gone on golf outings with other salespeople at his company, but never with clients or anything like that. It's difficult for me to imagine going golfing with the handful of salespeople that I regularly work with or with any clients or potential customers. It seems to be a given that lots of business deals are agreed to during golf games. I'm fairly certain that will never happen with me.

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