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IoT Temperature Measurement

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So I'm friends with the ice manager of a curling club here (and I have been curling for many years now). Several years ago, my friend and I installed a loaner NI 9211 (thermocouple measurement) with a wireless cDAQ chassis. It was connected to some thermocouples in the ice and transmitted to the computer in the office. This gave them a little bit of an idea of the temperature there and what kind of information could be acquired.

Another curling club uses "Eye on the Ice", which has more advanced software and analysis specific to curling. But is there a cheaper solution? So now I delve into the IoT world.

The EasyLog line from Lascar looks like a good WiFi solution with thermistor probe units costing $150 each. There's a monthly fee for storing and presenting the data though that ranges from $8 to $200 depending on number of sensors and desired features.

I also like the TR-7wf/nw Series from T & D. The sensors cost $209 to $259 each and even better, their cloud is free to use.

But I was talking to another friend who suggested I look at AcuRite. (Disclosure: AcuRite may be sponsoring his wife's blog in the future.) The set of 5 sensors is only $200, which is a much better price. The above sensors are WiFi and don't need a base station, but the AcuRite system requires a "smartHUB". The monitoring is free.

I'll propose these and we'll see if anything comes of it.

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