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TestStand: PostUUT to PostBatch

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I've been working on a TestStand Batch Sequence Model recently. My goal is that at the end of a batch, a VI pops up with the results for all of the units tested in the batch. I decided that to get all of the results, I would make an array that every unit writes to in their PostUUT. So my PostUUT has a step like this:


Then, in PostBatch, I use the TestStatus FileGlobal. However, while I was certain I was writing to the TestStatus array in PostUUT, by the time I got to PostBatch, the array was empty. I got everything to work by using a StationGlobal instead of a FileGlobal for TestStatus.

Looking into this a little more (and then experimenting), another solution to the problem is the reentrancy option for my PostUUT sequence.

PostUUT Optimize Non-Reentrant Calls to This Sequence Pulido Technologies LLC

Earlier, I had the "Optimize Non-Reentrant Calls to This Sequence" box checked. Things worked as a FileGlobal with it unchecked, so my guess is that reentrancy doesn't allow for multiple instances of PostUUT to write to FileGlobals correctly.

FYI, I'm probably going to make a sequence separate from PostUUT to create my PostBatch Status array. I'm still going to allow PostUUT as a callback to my users and I don't think they really need access to what I'm doing in the background to get results into PostBatch (which is also a callback.)

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